Adventures Unlimited sponsors the World Explorers Club Ancient Mysteries Conference. This annual one day event is usually held twice a year: Adventures Unlimited Bookstore, 1 Adventure Place Kempton IL,

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Recent Travels

A recent expedition to Arizona and New Mexico began on September 11th, 2022. The Wex Club explorers visited the Mysterious Sites of Chaco Canyon, Casa Grande, Canyon de Chelly, Hopi Mesas, Petroglyphs and More!

David Hatcher Childress and Jennifer Bolm guided their adventurers on a comprehensive trip through the mysterious cities of the South West. David is one of the stars of Ancient Aliens (History Channel) has written the book Lost Cities & Ancient Mysteries of the Southwest, and has a unique view on the ancient Southwest.

The next big WEX Expedition is in the works, details to be announced later this year. Give the WEX headquarters a call if you are interested or have some suggestions!